For an SME, these high impact processes and transactions happen infrequently or are one-offs.  

For us, they are part of our daily work.  That is why we are well positioned to:

Act as a discussion partner to your C-suite and Board

Help you make informed decisions

Save you time otherwise spent in researching and assessing options

Help you select appropriate service providers* for your company's size, sector and objectives

Project manage these transactions

By working with us, you avoid the unwanted consequences of a “trial and error” approach, and their effect on your running of the business, on investor outreach, on transaction costs and timing, as well as on your company's valuation and reputation.​

*we do not perform any regulated functions; all regulated functions are performed by advisers that are regulated and approved by the relevant authorities


Polishing up on “investor readiness” is useful for most transactions your SME would engage in.

A strong and clearly articulated equity story makes your firm more attractive to investors. 

Timely preparation for due diligence allows the company to respond promptly to investor approaches and avoids delays and hiccups in the investment process.  

Investor readiness

Having a fresh pair of eyes look into your fundraising strategies may give you ideas you may not have thought of,

or directions you did not know were available.  More importantly, we can draw your attention towards the potential effect of your current strategies on your future fundraising ability.  

Fundraising strategy review

We help you establish whether an IPO is a suitable option for your SME now or in the future.

By “future” we mean roughly 1-4 years’ time from now.

This piece of information in itself can make a significant difference when you raise private funds, because it projects a concrete liquidity/exit point for investors. It is also very valuable in managing shareholder expectations.

Realistic assessment of IPO prospects

When you are ready to commit to the IPO process, we support you in making an informed decision regarding your future listing venue.

Listing venue selection

We would always put you in front of IPO advisors for whom your company will be at the top, not at the bottom of the priority list.

IPO advisory team selection

This is an area where your team would often have limited or no previous direct experience.

Even for a CEO or CFO who has been through this before, running an IPO transaction can demand 30-40% extra time, in addition to the daily job. With us as project managers, you can run the business as usual, focus on investors, and only get involved in the key aspects of the transaction, where your input is a must. 

IPO project management

Liquidity for shareholders does not always have to mean selling your SME or taking it public.

You may simply be looking to facilitate the exit of some shareholders, while continuing to grow the business.

Or you would like to have a transparent pricing mechanism for your company's shares, without the regulatory and investor contact constraints of a public market listing.

Or – in the case of a family owned SME – you may be looking for a way to solve succession issues.

Liquidity solutions for shareholders


Coverage has always been a thorny issue for smaller listed companies, but has become even more problematic in the light of the latest regulatory developments, which changed the rules of the game.

Adding coverage by randomly paying for research can cause more harm than good.

We assess your situation and support you in putting the right pieces of the puzzle together, for better and more credible coverage and improved market visibility. 

Research and broker coverage review

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